My favorite thing about Milly as an editor is that she navigates the balance between loving my characters and stories as deeply as I do, while also pushing each one to become the best it can be. She brings a level of attention to detail that is unparalleled, and more than a few times in my Apollo Ascending series, I’ve noticed reviews that commented specifically on things she had suggested. A book is such a personal project, but I always know my stories are in expert hands with Milly and that she will help shape them into their best form. If you want someone who is professional, knowledgeable, timely, and detail-oriented, I cannot recommend Gray Plume Editing enough.

Nicole Bailey

I don’t send one story or book out into the world, for submission or otherwise, without Milly getting her hands on it first.

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You’ve become the reader I can’t live without.

From: The Magician’s Soul

Linda G. Hill

As an indie it is critical to find professional qualified individuals to work with and Milly’s editing skills are stellar. After comparing many sample pages, Milly’s work stands out from the pack. Milly has worked on 3 of my books, 1 as a developmental editor and 2 as a proofreader. Milly was prompt, detailed and extremely well organized and was a dream to work with. If you are putting your publishing team together, definitely consider Gray Plume Editing.

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Rachel Ann Smith

One of the best things about being a co-author of the Moonlight, Monsters & Magic anthology book was working with amazing editors who really take the time to work with you to get it right! Milly with Gray Plume Editing is not only a great friend but an amazingly wonderful and insightful editor who made editing fun (yes, I said fun!!).

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Everleigh Allen

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What a joy it was to work with Milly! She assessed my story in a professional, timely manner, and she was careful to keep my writing voice intact while polishing the rough edges of my story. Thanks to her, I was able to submit my story on schedule and she has been nothing but amazing. Highly recommend!

Lucinda Cox

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If you are looking for a fabulous editor, you need to check out Milly Bellegris at Gray Plume Editing! I had the pleasure of working with Milly recently to make Getting Lucky! all fixed up and pretty for my readers. She was fun to work with and extremely helpful. She also taught me a few things to improve my writing and self-editing. Please consider Milly and Grey Plume Editing for your future editing needs.

Allegra Johnson