Gray Plume Editorial Services is Milly Bellegris’ alter ego.  With a history and French literature degree and an avid interest in mythology, Milly knows that stories are living breathing entities that exist in all of us.  Because of this, she specializes in substantive and stylistic fiction editing. Her goal is to assist authors in expressing their stories with their own unique style and voice. Milly is passionate about supporting diversity in publishing so she has served as a volunteer mentor for the Inclusive Romance Project (www.inclusiveromanceproject.org) in 2020 and 2021.

When she’s not at the office or editing a novel, Milly can be found wandering the dusty corners of her local library.  If it’s warm outside, she’ll be in a park with her trusty e-reader happily sorting through her to-be-read list looking for the next best novel to devour.  Her genre of choice is Romance, but she’s not picky. She’ll read or edit anything.

Milly is a member of and Editors Canada and Toronto Romance Writers (TRW).