The relationship between editor and author is uniquely personal.  As such, I offer a sample 1,000-word edit at no charge so that we can determine if we are a right fit for each other.  All editorial work will be done in MS Word using the review & comment functions to offer suggestions for corrections and improvements.  I will not correct your manuscript unless requested.

Novel Services

Include but are not limited to:


  • a summary opinion of what worked and what didn’t work for me in your novel from a reader’s perspective at the end of each chapter
  • an overall review of the work
  • I will not beta-read manuscripts I have worked on as it defeats the purpose of having a fresh critique
  • $20/hour USD*

Developmental & Structural Editing

  • Analysis of plot, characterization, themes, tone, pacing
  • Review of novel and chapter structure
  • Suggestions for story improvement and flow
  • Consistency in style and voice
  • 2 passes – one initial manuscript review and one review of re-writes
  • Feedback to be provided via MS Word and an editorial letter
  • Basic stylistic analysis to identify major style issues including:
    • Filter words
    • Infodumps
    • Active vs passive voice
    • Repetition
    • Grammar and spelling
    • Awkward phrasing
    • Review of unnecessary modifiers and phrases
    • Consistency in names, physical features of characters
    • Verification of factual details
    • Confirmation of scene choreography with a special focus on physical scenes indicating movement
    • Please note the stylistic analysis does not replace copy or line editing but it will assist you in identifying your most common style issues
  • $40/hour USD*


Resume and Cover Letter Services

  • Formatting
  • Active language
  • Brevity with detail
  • Grammar
  • Consultation to highlight your achievements
  • Tone


*Please contact me at for a quote.  An hourly word count will be determined after a sample edit.